Create New Thanksgiving Traditions Sailing in the British Virgin Islands

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Thanksgiving holidays are normally spent trying to juggle the timing of when each dish will be ready, making sure the turkey isn’t burning and rushing back to the store because someone forgot the green beans. 

Family traditions are special because some of the best memories are made around a scrumptious meal. And coming from a big Louisiana family, we are never shy of too much food!


Creating new traditions like sailing in the British Virgin Islands on your family vacation can spice up your Thanksgiving holiday this year. While everyone back home is bundled up in the cold weather, you and your family can be diving through the warm Caribbean waters and exploring the beauty of these islands on your yacht charter in the BVI’s.

And the best part is that you won’t have to worry about the cooking, cleaning, or running back to the grocery store on your crewed Caribbean yacht charter – we’ll gladly do it for you!

Why Thanksgiving is the Best Time to Sail in the BVI’s 

Less crowded, fewer tourists and cheaper prices make sailing in the British Virgin Islands during Thanksgiving break a dream!

The Thanksgiving holiday in late November is just before the high season for the Caribbean. During high season, starting mid-December, it tends to become a little crowded in the more popular areas. And BVI sailing charter prices become more expensive during the high season too, which is why the Thanksgiving holiday is the best time of year to visit the British Virgin Islands.

And the best part is that the wind starts to pick back up around the islands during late November, which means cooler temperatures and smooth sailing on your yacht charter in the BVI.

During Thanksgiving, it’s perfect timing for the Anegada Lobster Festival (November 30 - December 1). So just a few days after you indulge in the traditional Thanksgiving feast, we can sail to Anegada to bar hop and taste the different ways the locals prepare lobster. From curry lobster to fettucini lobster, you’ll leave feeling just as satisfied as Thanksgiving day.


Instead of running around for Black Friday this year, relax and refresh while hanging out on the best British Virgin Island yacht charter because it truly is the best time to sail the BVI’s.

Feed Your Thanksgiving Appetite 

Feeding your Thanksgiving appetite doesn’t just mean a big meal on the table and feeling overstuffed at the end of the day. Feed your adventure appetite too during your family sailing charter in the BVI.

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Before your Thanksgiving feast, you can swim with the turtles, paddleboard into caves, and explore the 50 million-year-old rock formations called The Baths. There’s adventure around every corner in these island archipelago, and we provide all the water toys to wander through it. 

We are more than happy to prepare your Thanksgiving meal onboard. Our sailboat oven doesn’t fit the traditional turkey, but we can bake a mean whole chicken! If you would prefer to keep the traditions of your Thanksgiving turkey during your British Virgin Island sailing charter, the famous Foxy’s Bar and Restaurant has been hosting Thanksgiving dinners for over 40 years now.

After dinner, the music fires up from Foxy himself and other live bands, so you can easily burn off the calories on the dance floor.

Heeled Over for Our Thanksgiving Feast

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Last year, we sailed with friends during Thanksgiving in the British Virgin Islands. Three years ago Max had his first turkey dinner, southern style, in Louisiana. Although we weren’t in Louisiana last year, I didn’t want to break our tradition, but I knew the sail we had planned that day was not ideal for cooking underway.

The downside was that we were sailing INTO the wind from Jost Van Dyke all the way to North Sound, Virgin Gorda (5 hours). This was not the best time to be cooking a Thanksgiving feast – heeled over, sailing into the wind.

But I wasn’t going to let that stop me from sticking with it! And thank goodness for our friend Laura, who tag-teamed helping me cook underway. Even if the cooking conditions weren’t the best, we made memories preparing the meal and laughing together. Everything sliding this way or that way, ingredients falling out of the fridge, the guys asking for more beers, all while trying to keep our wine stable as well – it was a new tradition made with great friends!

By the time we anchored in North Sound, we had a delish meal consisting of: 

  • Buttermilk-marinated roast chicken

  • Baked brie pastry with cranberry sauce

  • Dad’s cornbread dressing

  • Healthy green bean casserole

  • A to-die-for green salad – I forgot what was in it, but I know it was yummy!

So not all traditions are meant to be kept but making new memories with family and friends during the holiday is what it’s all about on your yacht charter in the BVI. 

British Virgin Island Sailing Yacht Charters

The holidays can be a stressful time but this year, on your BVI family vacation, it can be more about de-stressing, relaxing, and adventure sailing around this idyllic tropical paradise.

Whether you want to get the kids scuba diving or simply relax with a piña colada in hand, we will take care of the holiday hoopla for you!

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Check out our British Virgin Island sailing itinerary to find out what your vacation can look like. We strive to customize every private yacht charter to our guests' needs and wants, so call us today to chat about your desires of sailing in the BVI.

At Ready. Set. Sail. Charters, we want this to be your best BVI yacht charter vacation. Our all-inclusive crewed yacht charters in the British Virgin Islands will have you feeling relaxed in no time. We also have multiple water toys onboard like paddleboards, kayaks, snorkel gear, fishing lines, and more to get you out on those sublime turquoise waters.

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Haily and Max