Why You Need a Digital Detox Caribbean Sailing Vacation

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Disconnect to Reconnect

If your fingers are tired of typing, or you check your phone more than 80 times a day (that’s just the average), and your mind can’t seem to unplug – it’s probably time for a digital detox vacation. 

The digital world literally never sleeps, and we are constantly surrounded by news, social media, advertisements to buy more, email notifications, and selfies (ohhhh the selfies).

We took time off this summer to visit Europe, and yes, I’ll admit we took pictures and shared them with friends, family, and even social media. But usually, after our one-stop-picture shot, we made a point to take time to soak in the scenery we had traveled halfway around the world to see. 

I remember one time in particular at the Colosseum when I watched the digital world take over the tourists’ experience. People were posing, for what seemed to be longer than the Colosseum had been standing! Then, they would move to the next best angle, not even taking a look at the Colosseum itself.

We are fortunate to be able to do and see so much in this day and age, but the irony is that we often end up not truly appreciating or taking in where we are because of our phone addictions. 


Boat Bliss

Once we returned to our boat in the Caribbean after our vacation, we appreciated how refreshing it was to be “unplugged” from the digital world again, not having the bombardment and pressure of technology constantly at our fingertips. 

THIS is when we feel at our best, where the sea slaps the bottom of the hull like a nursery rhyme, no television to turn on, and spotty internet in most places. Getting back to the basics of life is calming and relaxing, which is why we decided to launch our Digital Detox Sailing Vacation!

What better way to check out of the digital world than by going off-the-grid and sailing to remote islands surrounded by white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters? Our Digital Detox Sailing Vacation is tailored to sailing to the most secluded and blissful spots in the Caribbean. With two decades of experience, exploring the far reaches of the Caribbean chain, we guarantee to show you bays that most people don’t even know exist – free from WiFi, TV, and your boss!

Take a Break from Tech: Why You Need a Digital Detox


Everyone needs to disconnect and reconnect with nature once in a while  – a digital detox if you will!

One study in “Mind”, shows that 95% of people’s mood improved after spending their time outside – disconnected from technology. That translated into less stress, a motivational boost, and improved physical and mental health in their everyday life!

And the Caribbean is one of the best places for a digital detox vacation. All of us are guilty of being too “plugged in” due to the unlimited access we have to our smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

But taking time away from that digital world is important for our health, especially if we want to be productive and develop meaningful connections in our day-to-day life. 

I left my stay feeling relaxed, refreshed, and thankful for time without TV or internet
— Whitney Davidson

What is a Digital Detox Vacation?

The dopamine your brain releases when you receive a text, like, retweet, or comment is a “reward” or “feel good” hormone. It’s a chemical that legitimately makes you feel happy – no wonder why the digital world is so addictive, who wouldn’t want to feel that?!

A digital detox vacation is escaping the digital world and breaking the addiction. You unplug from all electronics and technology to reconnect to the world around you, including your family, friends, and nature. This helps ease your mind of the constant influence that media has in your life.

At Ready. Set. Sail. Charters, we won’t take away the goodness of these dopamine hormones on your digital detox vacation – we’ll replace them with outdoor activities that give you the same proven effect – literally!

Digital Detox Tips

It is scientifically proven that getting outside and interacting with nature and those around you, boosts your mood, health, and happiness factor. Check out our 4 digital detox tips on ways you can replace your technology dopamine hormones during your digital detox sailing vacation. 


  1. Soak in the Caribbean Sun

    Picture yourself on a sailboat, surrounded by some of the bluest water in the world, soaking in the Caribbean sun – without your phone. That scene alone just makes my dopamine go wild!

    Vitamin D from the sun is proven to increase dopamine chemicals in your brain, leaving you feeling happy, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

  2. High Fives and Human Contact

    You’ll be getting a lot of these (high fives) with us after you bravely take your first cliff jump. Or once you’ve successfully paddle boarded into the wind to get to shore. And when you stand up on the board while skurfing (yes, that’s a real thing) behind our boat! 

    Human contact, especially something as simple as a handshake or hug, can have major positive effects on your behavior. Human touch releases not only dopamine but oxytocin and serotonin too, which releases stress and boosts your mood – now that’s a happy triple threat!

  3. Discover New Experiences

    Have you ever wondered why kids are generally always happy? That’s because the world around them is new, they are constantly discovering something exciting every day. 

    When you seek novelty and experience new adventures, it triggers the release of dopamine, motivating you even more to explore the environment and nature around you. On your digital detox sailing vacation with us at Ready. Set. Sail. Charters, we will explore new destinations, new caves, and new experiences with you every day – your perfect adventure sailing itinerary!

  4. Exercise: Paddleboard, Kayak, Hike, Snorkel, Scuba Dive

    You’ve heard this a million times: Exercise is good for your health. Exercise releases chemicals such as endorphins, serotonin, and yes, dopamine too. But during your Caribbean sailing charter, we won’t stick you in some smelly gym. We’ll put you on a paddleboard or in a kayak to get your body moving – quickly forgetting about your digital world!

    Ps. Have you ever wanted to try kiteboarding… well, we’ve got you covered at one of the most remote islands, Happy Island (pictured below).


Best Island Destinations for Digital Detox

There are over 7,000 islands in the Caribbean. We’ve picked out some of our favorites that offer more than just seclusion. These far-flung bays have some of the best cave dives or snorkeling and scuba diving spots. And with great (but not long) hikes up jagged hills to secret natural pools, these islands have your classic Caribbean – Ya’mon – vibes!

Our top picks for the best island destinations for a digital detox vacation:

You can choose between our Essential (4 nights/5 days) Digital Detox Sailing Vacation OR our Premium (7 nights/8 days) Digital Detox Sailing Vacation. In each, we visit some of our favorite corners of the Caribbean for unplugging, unwinding, and stringing up a hammock to enjoy a cold beer.


Unplug and Unwind on Your Caribbean Sailing Vacation

With thousands of islands to choose from, the Caribbean is your ultimate playground. Get off-the-grid and into the water with us at Ready. Set. Sail. Charters. Whether it’s reading a book on a secluded beach or cliff jumping at Shell Beach, ignite your dopamine hormones and leave your phone behind. 

Our all-inclusive sailing vacations are great for couples, kids, families, and friends to get out on the water and experience new adventures.

If you need to take a break from technology and chill out in some of the bluest water in the world, contact us today at readysetsailcharters@gmail.com or +590.690.195286 to start planning your digital detox vacation today!