Do you obsessively check your phone? Are you always “connected” to the digital world? Are your daily obligations to emails and texts overwhelming your ability to actually relax and enjoy life?

We have become dependent on technology – without most of us even realizing it. And the “power-off” button rarely exists in a majority of people’s lives. But unplugging and powering off on a digital detox cleanse can reset your mood, creative mind, and motivation for work.

A digital detox vacation removes any technological temptation so you can feel refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated without the bombardment of media.

grenadines sailing

And the Grenadines are the islands we dream about to sail away from it all!


The eastern Caribbean is littered with tiny secluded islands, providing some of the most authentic Caribbean vibes. Although they might be a little harder to get to – that is what makes them so special.

Free from overcrowded tourists, the Grenadines are the best place to visit for a digital detox sailing vacation. You won’t catch a cruise ship on any of these islands during your Grenadines sailing charter. Because none of these tiny oasis islands have ports to house those bulky cruise ships. 

On your offline holiday, sailing in the Grenadines, you’ll be far away from your daily distractions, obligations, social media, and your nagging boss!

tobago cays turtle

We’ll leisurely sail through the Grenadines, maximizing your relaxation time while unplugging from technology. 

Dive the Tobago cays with some of the friendliest turtles and enjoy beach lobster dinners with “Shark Attack” (don’t worry his name is scarier than him!) forgetting to even check your phone.

With your all-inclusive digital detox sailing vacation in the Grenadines, we provide meals and drinks (non and alcoholic) onboard your charter.

We know the calmest anchorages, which coconut trees are best spaced for a hammock, and where the coldest beer can be found. And maybe even where you can catch your own lobster right off the back of the boat!

salt whistle grenadines sailing


Day 1 I Ditch Your Digital Life and Board Your Digital Detox Sailing Vacation to Mustique

As you step onto your sailboat, Oryxx, feel the weight of the digital world lift. You’ll quickly forget about checking your phone once you’re surrounded by billowing palm trees, towering mountains, and the crystal turquoise waters that St. Vincent has to offer.

On the first day of your Grenadines sailing itinerary, we’ll head off to one of the most exclusive islands in the world, Mustique. This 1,400-acre island is a Caribbean playground for the rich and famous, housing around 90 palatial mansions.

Vacationing with the rich and famous is not all Mustique has to offer. Explore the island's vibrant coral reefs, horseback through its lush green trails, or take a taxi island tour. The exclusive beauty of Mustique will easily transition you out of the hustle and bustle of your digital life into the stress-free island vibes of your offline holiday!

Salt Whistle Bay on Mayreau is the beach bum, kiteboarder, hammock lover’s dream! And it’s by far one of our favorite digital detox destinations with its waving palm trees dotting its white sandy beaches. 

Day 2 I Enjoy the Hustle and Bustle of Beach Life in Mayreau

This beach is bustling with kiteboarders on the windward side, enjoying the brisk trade winds coming off the Atlantic. However, if you want to take it a little slower, the leeward side of the beach is perfect for stringing up a hammock on a coconut tree and diving into your favorite book. This is the first bay where you will see what it would be like to put a sailboat into a swimming pool – it’s that clear!

Take a short hike up the hill to enjoy the panoramic views to Tobago Cays from the church. You’ll also be able to see down to Salt Whistle Bay, with the boats on one side and the kiteboarder’s on the other.

At the end of the day, the main beach has a few local huts that come alive for happy hour to watch the sunset and spark up the BBQ’s that will provide that night's beach dinner.


Day 3 and Day 4 I Island Hop the Tobago Cays on Your Digital Detox Cleanse

These itty bitty cays will have you feeling marooned like Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean (that’s because there were scenes filmed right there). You will have no choice but to technologically detox here. But it won’t be a problem because exploring these cays is the best destination for a digital detox vacation. 

They are some of the most remote Cays in the Caribbean and the turtles are as friendly as the locals who throw beach barbecues every night. The water is crystal clear, free of seaweed and full of colorful reefs. Think Bora Bora but with dreadlocks, not hula skirts!

Day 5  I Happy Island Is the Epitome of a Digital Detox Retreat


The name of this island says it all, which is perfect for boosting your happy hormones on your digital detox sailing vacation in the Grenadines. Happy Island is located right off of Union Island in the Grenadines near Jeremy Tronete’s kiteboarding school, JT Pro Center. 

If you’re a kiteboarder, this is a world-renowned kiting spot. Or if you want to learn kiteboarding, this is the ideal place with the best school in the Caribbean. Not into kiting? That is perfectly fine too because sitting on the bow of the boat watching these kiters fly through the sky and waves will have you in somewhat of a meditation state – how do they do it so gracefully!?

At sunset, the kiters head to Happy Island to put on a happy hour show for the island goers. So sip your cocktail on this remote island made of conch shells and enjoy the free entertainment. On a full moon night, the locals build a bonfire on the island and the local kiters jump through the fire. Glow sticks and music follow for a very unique and far flung full moon celebration. 

Day 6 I Union Island

On the west coast of Union Island lies Chatman Bay. This super protected bay is a favorite for sailors who want a flat calm anchorage and a pristine beach.

A very simple road leads to this bay and so the only one to reside here is Shark Attack. This gristly old rasta will keep you fed and smiling with all the stories of the ‘old days’ and the simple life in the Caribbean.   

Day 7 I Bequia


A Grenadines sailing charter never passes up Bequia. This small yet significant island has a lot of colonial history and a close connection to the old whaling days. Lots of people live here on their boats and you can tell the difference to the other islands you visited. Lovely restaurants and competitive happy hours and live music make this place colorful and bubbly.

Watch the sunset at the old ‘Whale Boner’ Tavern and enjoy a proper Trinidadian style Roti with a glass of the beautiful ‘Captain Blye’ aged rum. We always say that the Grenadines is the last place you will find the old Caribbean vibes and Bequia is the epitome of that.   

Day 8 I St. Vincent

On Day 10 we’ll take a leisurely sail back to the Blue Lagoon where you began your Grenadines sailing vacation. Depending on your travel arrangements this could be a good time to explore St. Vincent even more. A taxi ride to the La Soufrière volcano will set you up for an amazing hike and one of the most dramatic views in the region. Another great option is a boat ride to the Falls of Baleine for a cool swim in the mountain waters only accessible from the sea.


Escape the constraints of the digital world and set sail on the best digital detox retreat with us. Contact us today to book your digital detox sailing vacation at Ready. Set. Sail. Charters.

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