Homemade bacon and vegetable quiche

Salmon lox with fresh, buttery croissants

Spinach salad topped with fried eggs, roasted tomatoes, and prosciutto

Veggie scrambled eggs with Cajun andouille sausage or bacon

Oatmeal power bowl




Grilled fish tacos topped with homemade lime cream and pico de gallo 

Fish cakes served with dill aioli and mixed side salad

Linguine with summer squash, tomatoes, & fresh mozzarella

Creamy butternut squash soup served with a spinach, walnut salad and warm brown butter dressing

Greek chicken couscous salad topped with feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and black olives with a dollop of tzatziki



Grilled salmon with roasted vegetables and cilantro rice

South African boerewors with fig caramelized onions

Louisiana Cajun gumbo

Grilled lamb chops with pesto gnocchi & fresh salad

Caribbean BBQ chicken with fried plantains and mango salad